Being a new mother is transformational. You have given the gift of new life. It’s exhilarating and magical.

Yet you are also thrown in the deep end. Suddenly the life you knew is turned upside down. You wonder if you’ll ever get a full night’s sleep again. The simplest acts like showering or leaving the house to buy milk and bread can turn into a challenge.

Everything is new and uncertain.  Anxieties and stress levels rise.

That’s where affirmations come in. They help you find your own rhythm in the early days.  They help you to respond to challenges calmly and feel more in control.

Affirmations for Mothers offer 17 beautifully illustrated and uniquely designed affirmation cards created especially for new mums.

Graciously accept opinions  A-Cards v4-01  every moment is temporary

Don’t take our word for it, here’s how our Affirmations for Mothers cards helped Bronwyn in Brisbane:

Throughout my labour I coped well. I was confident that my body knew what it was doing.  But once my baby arrived my anxiety and self-doubt returned. I felt so foolish and incompetent, not to mention tired! I had prepared so much for the birth but lacked the same tools to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for the challenges of the early days…until I found ‘Affirmations for Mothers’.

My favourite affirmation is ‘Every moment is temporary – the challenges I face now will soon pass’ which I have stuck to my bathroom mirror. I now give the Affirmation cards to my friends for their baby showers as I believe that confidence and trusting in yourself is just as essential as the physical equipment your baby needs from day one and onwards.

Now my baby is 7 months old and he is growing up so fast! I know that whatever happens next, I have the strength to cope. I am kind to myself and I am able to enjoy the journey of being a mum.
Bronwyn, Brisbane

If you feel stress or anxiety in your early motherhood journey and think you could be more in control, shop now for your pack of affirmation cards.